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Shopping the Dent And Bent Stores

Shopping the Dent And Bent Stores

Do you have a dent and bent store near you? I recently discovered one in my area and have become a regular customer. It’s owned by a really nice family that just bought it from the previous owner and they’re working hard to update and clean it up. Just like shopping at a flea market or garage sale, when I shop at dent and bent stores, I take my time and look over each product carefully before I purchase it.

Today I spent $20.98 and this is what I bought.
1) Boxed or bagged items
Two boxes of Muellers ziti: 50 cents each
Two 6 pack boxes of Act 2 microwave popcorn: $2 each but it was buy one, get one free, so $1 each
A 10 pack box of Disney Princess Fruit Snacks: $1
A box of Hersheys Mini Cookies: $1
Two 10 pack boxes of Capri Sun Fruit Drinks: $1.50 each
One 10 pack box of Carpri Sun 100% Fruit Juice: $1.50
One 8 pack box of Back To Nature cheddar crackers: $1
4 packages of Earth’s Best Organic cookies: 25 cents each

My tips for buying boxed or bagged items:
When the item is loose and not packaged seperately inside the box or bag (like pasta is) I don’t buy them if they were opened and taped closed and I’ll only buy boxes that have slight creases in them. When the food item is packaged seperately inside the box and not loose (like everything else on the list), I’ll allow for more damage to the outer box and will buy a box that was opened and resealed.

2) Canned items
One can of Chicken of the Sea Whole Baby Clams: $1
One can of Armour Vienna Sausages: 50 cents
Five cans of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna Fish in water: 75 cents each

My tips for buying canned items:
I only buy cans that have very small or no dents at all. Out of the five cans of tuna, only one had a very small dent.

Here’s some information I found online about buying dented cans.

Department of Agriculture (was on a page for canned fruit but would pertain to all cans) When buying canned fruit, avoid cans that show signs of bulging or swelling at the ends, or of leakage. Small dents in a can usually will not harm the contents unless the dents have pierced the metal or loosened the can seam. Badly dented cans, however, should always be avoided.

Purdue University Extension
Bulging cans — Spoiled! Throw away!
Dented cans — Do not buy cans with dents on the side seam of the can or on the rim seams at the top or bottom of the can. Check carefully for leakage, especially around the seam. Throw leaky cans away.
Rusty cans — Check for leakage. The rust may have penetrated the can.

With some common sense, shopping in a dent and bent store can save money. I try to go by there once a week because they constantly get more things in and rotate their stock.

::note:: originally written in 2007


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10 Responses to “Shopping the Dent And Bent Stores”

  1. cassandra says:

    Do you known of one in pensacola,fl if so please tell me where thank you.


  2. joanne says:

    No, I don’t. But if I ever come across one, I’ll be sure to post it for you. :)

  3. We are Pensacola Fl largest bent and dent store.Please stop in to say hello.We want to earn your business !!!


  4. betty says:

    looking for a store in maryland!!!!

  5. Linda says:

    can you tell me the store locations in central fl? Lakeland, winter haven, lake wales

  6. Yeah, I have tried buying such items. when I was still working in one grocery store before, the owner sell these dent items or with slight damage on packaging for lower prices and we took advantage on that. But of course I also check it well before purchasing and really checking on its expiration date as well.
    Thanks for those other tips that you provided, really informative.

  7. DAN says:



    Orlando Florida
    Sacks Grocery Outlet, 6013 Edgewater Drive,
    Ph 407-447-4497

  8. Rosemarie says:

    There’s one in Brooklyn, NY at 3440B Atlantic Ave. It’s called Our House Community Outreach. Does anyone know of any more such stores in the NYC area? Thanks!

  9. Michele says:

    I’m Looking for a Store in Melbourne Florida that carries only dented can foods, anyone out there know the name and location? Thanks So Much!!!!! Michele

  10. jeanne anderson says:

    i am opening one in fort meade fl…

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