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To maximize your savings, look for deals on items and services you buy and use most frequently. For instance, I don’t have babies so a great deal on diapers wouldn’t help me, but if I can find a bargain on books, that’s a score for my family.

Think about what you and your families needs are.
Does someone wear glasses or contacts?
Do you enjoy going to the movies, or renting a dvd to watch at home?
Do you have a new driver in your family?

You can find deals for all these and more. Times are tough and even tougher for some more than others. Before you just mindlessly spend money, research your options. There isn’t just one place to buy what you need. There are other companies out there who want you as a customer.

Here’s just a few of them.

This list will be updated often with companies I am affiliated with.

Savings Guide

Eye glasses can be expensive. Consider all your options before you buy, especially online. GlassesUSA delivers savings without compromising quality. Click Here

Fashion Accessories
Love boutique shopping, but hate the prices? Check for savings of up to 85% on premium brands. Click Here

Ink & Toner
Save up to 85% on ink and toner cartridges. Click Here

Auto Insurance
Find out if you’re eligable for discounted auto insurance. Click Here

Movie Passes
Sign up now and see unlimited movies at your favorite theaters for a low monthly fee. Click Here

Gently Used Kids Clothing

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