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Make Your Own Jewelry Cleaner

Make Your Own Jewelry Cleaner



Jewelry cleaner is one of those items that can be easily made at home for far less that you would spend at the store. I asked our readers for some suggestions on how to make your own jewelry cleaner and here are some of the tips I got.


Carol A, a new reader had this to say;

Warm water and baking soda in a flat bottom pan and some aluminum foil in the bottom. This is also good for silver. Toothpaste works great too with a old toothbrush. I wouldn’t use anything on pearls though it will ruin them.


Jean added this:

I make my jewelry cleaner like this: 1/2 amonia 1/2 water. Let gold jewelry soak for a long while and then use an old toothbrush to scrub with, rinse and wipe dry. Do NOT use on sterling silver jewelry. Toothpaste or a polishing cloth is the best for that.


Another reader hot milfs confirmed using toothpaste:

For gold jewelry I use toothpaste and and old toothbrush.


Reader Question: Do you make jewelry cleaner at home? What do you use?
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