Frugal Fashionista: Finding Treasures in Hidden Places

Enjoy this guest article written by Sierra.

Buying fashionable clothing and accessories that’s expensive may seem appealing, but your wallet takes a hit every time you pull out your credit or debit card. It’s true that top name brands usually produce high quality items, but did you know that you can find these items in hidden places that you may not have thought of for half the price? Before divulging the secret places where you’ll dig up hidden treasure, it’s also important to understand that saving up money is important and that fashion is fleeting. Of course that’s not what fashionistas likes to hear, but the good news is that owning plenty of fashionable accessories is still possible. Read on to find out how to be frugal and a fashionista simultaneously.

Consignment Shops: Sell Gently Used Clothing

Before you arrange your grand shopping trip to search out and find hidden treasures, were you aware that consignment shops will take many of your old designer clothing that you no longer want? Bring in gently used items and clothing and see what they will offer you. Many times it is a lot easier to find a quality consignment shop that will pay you for an old Juicy Couture purse that’s still in pretty good condition rather than selling it on eBay. You might have forgotten about the fees it will cost you to ship the item and the amount of time it will take you to list the used item as well. Once you’ve received some money from a consignment shop, you’re ready to go hunting for hidden treasures.

Consignment Shops: Hidden Treasures Destination Number One

Yes, before you sigh because you’re wondering why you’re still stuck at the consignment shop, you should take the time to look at the products in the shop. If you’ve been looking for a Michael Kors watch or are on the hunt for a Betsey Johnson purse, you may be surprised to find what you were looking for at a shop that holds many treasures. Consignment shops not only will pay you for your designer apparel and more, they also offer great finds for you to buy. Find apparel and accessories that are not longer available and head home a happy camper for finding an item that normally would have cost you twice as much.

Garage Sales: Hidden Treasures Destination Number Two

Garage sales may seem like an obvious place to search for designer wear, but if you just happen to be visiting a place such as Newport Beach, CA or another rich area in America, you may be pleasantly surprised and find treasures that you would love to own. Encounter a Free People top with the tags still on the shirt or find fine china that you would love to display in your home. Garage sales do take time to find and determine if they are worth it to stop by, but many of them are worth the stop and you will definitely save some money. You also will come home with some amazing treasures that you love.

Flea Markets and Swapping Clothes: Hidden Treasures Destination Number Three & Four

Weekend flee markets are yet another place to find hidden treasures, especially if you love vintage finds such as an old typewriter or 50’s pink phone.  Search more and find a vintage dress that you could add something new to, such as some lace or another beautiful elements such as jewels. Or, go home with new books or home décor that’s affordable yet trendy.

Swapping clothes are another option and many main cities offer clothing swaps. To find out more information, just look up clothing swaps online or in the local directory. Trading your clothing is a great way to help the environment and become a frugal fashionista too.

There are also new sites taking off that will pave the way and help you save some money as well, such as coupon sites, swapping sites, and more. Be creative and find your hidden treasures at hidden places that have now been made known to you. Now go and dig up some gold!


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