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Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Review

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Review

My two daughters and I recently had the opportunity to test and review Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner. We have three totally different types of hair so we were able to compare the results based on hair type.

(1) My 17 year old daughter has normal hair (neither dry nor oily) that is fairly long and wavy and her hair was color treated once, several years ago.

She said the shampoo lathered up really well and the shampoo alone (before even adding the conditioner) left her hair feeling soft and manageable. She said the shampoo did a good enough job of conditioning her hair and that the conditioner just “finished up the job”. After she dried her hair, she did not add any product as she normally would and she said her hair was just as soft and manageable as it she had.She gave it a thumbs up and wants to buy it again.

(2) My 14 year old daughter is biracial and normally uses products designed for African-American hair. Her hair is shoulder length and was relaxed last year, but she’s growing it out. She said the shampoo worked very well and she felt it was gentle on her hair. She said she didn’t feel as though the conditioner was strong enough for her hair and she wasn’t expecting the results to be as good as her regular conditioner – but when she dried and flat ironed her hair (using just heat protecter) she was surprised at how soft and manageable her hair was. She said that she would try it again and would use this when she wanted a break from her regular conditioner.

(3) My hair is dry and tends to be coarse. I can usually tell if a shampoo is a good match for my hair by how it feels after I rinse it and before adding conditioner. The Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo was a hit! Even before using the conditioner, my hair felt super soft. Also, it smells wonderful and my daughters kept telling me how good my hair smelled for up to an hour after using it. I really loved the conditioner and will be purchasing it on a regular basis. It left my hair very soft and smooth. Finding the right hair products for dry hair is not easy and the Clear Hair & Scalp Therapy conditioner was a hit! I give it two thumbs up and will be buying this again.

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One Response to “Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Review”

  1. Chrysa says:

    Great review! I have tried these too and I love how soft it leaves my hair and also the smell is great! It’s cool to know it worked for different types of hair.


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